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How to Raise Decent Human Beings

A successful parent keeps their baby alive.  A good parent keeps their baby happy. But an outstanding parent raises decent human beings who chose to see the good in people, enjoy making others happy, love to learn, are happy to help where help is needed, and easily forgive when forgiveness […]

Should I Dress My Twins to Match?

Should I dress my twins to match?   This is a question every twin parent has asked themselves.  There are a lot of reasons why this question is so important.  If I dress my twins to match, will it have a detrimental effect on their identity development?  When do babies […]

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A Love Affair with My Slow Cooker

I have a confession to make.  With the changing of the seasons, so too is there a change in my heart.  Most people associate autumn with the arrival of pumpkin spice. I am proud to announce that I am NOT one of those people. Although I do enjoy the season […]

Winter Maternity Clothes

Anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you that maternity clothes are expensive! You will also hear that winter clothes are expensive. Imagine the cost of winter maternity clothes!  You can get by with your pre-pregnancy clothes for several months into your pregnancy. But when you approach your due […]

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Flying with 18 Month Olds

In July we took the boys on their first international flight!  It was actually my husband’s first international flight as well.  We went to Argentina to visit family and celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday.  Traveling can be expensive, so we decided to do/see as much as we could with toddlers […]